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Marbles Kids Talent is known as “Denver’s Children’s agency.” Since 1986, we have been a place for children of all ages to explore their talent and follow their dreams! We specialize in youth talent. We are located in the Denver Tech Center, just East of I-25 & Arapahoe Road. Marbles professionalism, dedication, and encouragement creates experienced, independent, and confident Marbles Kids.

Marbles Kids Talent also represents babies as young as 8 days old up to age 4. Children older than 4 are invited to take an optional series of workshops that prepare both kids and parents for what they can expect when they are out in the field, auditioning or on assignment. Marbles Kids has a proven coaching program to prepare parents and kids to book assignments in the Commercial, Film, TV, and advertising business. Our talented kids are fun, prepared and understand this is a business. 

We love kids with big personalities! Marbles Kids are some of the most talented, funny, adorable, intelligent, engaging, unique and respectful kids in Denver! We have a reputation of outstanding professionalism and genuine talent.

If you have a kid with a big personality and want to be considered for our agency, please contact us!